“How you eat is a reflection of what you think and feel about yourself. If you want to change what you look like, what do you need to do? Alter the main inputs – your thoughts and feelings about yourself while you eat better. It’s really that simple.”

– Juhl T. Khallen

Hi, I’m Juhl

Pronounced jewel, like a gem 💎

In 2009, I began training my body to be slim and have permanently lost 52 pounds since then. In the process, I completely transformed how I thought and felt about myself, my diet, eating habits and food. Today, I am happier, healthier, and have achieved a fulfillment and fitness level that I never imagined possible – all without working out. People often ask me for diet advice. They want to know how I’ve achieved such miraculous results. I tell them it is all about mastering your eating habits and mindset. This is surprisingly simple to do. Those who follow my instructions find success and their own fulfillment too! Because the basics are not taught as a means for weight loss, I created Slim Metabolics to fill that gap.