How I ‘Cracked the Code’ to Weight Loss with a Simple Mind + Body Method That Can Work for Anybody

This is my journey of how I went from a tired, breathless, overweight 199-pound mother of two children to a confident, sexy, and highly motivated 118-pound woman – past her 40’s and beyond!

“Like all living things, you were created for unlimited growth and possibilities. Keep growing. Keep changing.

Be everything you were meant to be.”

* Eleanor Brownn *


It All Began Innocently & Unexpectedly
With the Birth of My Second Sweet Baby Boy

That’s me, right after the birth of my second son back in 2007. At the time I was 34 years old, and now a proud mother of two wonderful kids. 

I remember when I arrived at the hospital the night before. I stepped on a scale and weighed in at 199 pounds. I remember thinking, “Wow, at least I’m not 200 pounds.” I figured that once I moved beyond the birth of my child, the excess weight would go away, and I’d eventually return to my normal weight of 132 pounds. 

I quickly dropped to 175 pounds. But what shocked and disappointed me was that I STAYED at 175 pounds for the next 2 years. I was at a complete loss. After my first pregnancy, I’d gained 60 pounds and dropped that weight in just over a year.

 “This time was different. The excess weight stuck to me like glue. I couldn’t understand why the weight wasn’t going away. I felt like the longer I remained overweight, the more permanent it was becoming – and that had a huge impact on the way I felt both physically and emotionally.”


Before Times: Me in 2007  the day after having my 2nd son. 

Physically, being this heavy slowed me down. It made me tired. It made it difficult to wear my favorite clothes. Emotionally, it made me feel like I wasn’t pretty. It crushed my self-esteem. I even felt shame having my own friends and family see me at that size.

Bottomline: Being overweight sucked. And it was sucking the happiness, joy, and energy right out of me. Even to this day, I remember just how painful and defeated I felt. And now looking back, it makes me proud of who I’ve become – and the transformation I ultimately created for myself.

 But before I dive into my personal transformation, and how I did it, it’s important to look at what I call the “Relentless Hell of Heaviness.” This is something you can probably relate to right now.

The ‘Relentless Hell of Heaviness’ & How It
Wrecked My Health (And Happiness)

Weighing nearly 200 pounds was unbearable for me. It was uncomfortable. It was exhausting. I “waddled” more than I walked. Breathing was labored. Clothes never fit correctly. My stomach pudge was always protruding (and made me feel embarrassed). 

I remember getting to a point in my life where I became resigned and even complacent to my weight. I wanted to pretend like it wasn’t there. I started to believe that I was never going to return to that young, vibrant, and healthy-looking woman like I was several years earlier…

It’s not like I didn’t try and lose the excessive weight. I put in a lot of effort by trying a number of methods that typically work for most people. Some of these methods probably seem very familiar to you as well. They included… 

  • Working out like crazy
  • Following a Keto-based diet
  • Focusing on hormone testing
  • Removing toxins from my blood
  • Taking diet supplements
  • Trying the latest “fad” diets – all with no luck

 I remember whenever I’d start a new diet, my husband would chuckle because he’d think it was a joke. And if you’ve ever seen some of these “fad” diets, it’s almost hard not to laugh at how downright ridiculous they are.

 My husband assured me that no matter my size, he would love me. But the problem wasn’t his love for me, it was loving myself. It was about how I felt in my own body. It was about not only losing weight, but also improving my health and happiness.

 “I wanted my kids to remember and be influenced by me in a positive way. Not in a way
that was overweight, tired, sad, and unhealthy. But as the ‘relentless hell of heaviness’
continued in my life, the more my poor health started to spiral downward.”

 I was getting even more tired and depressed. New health issues were starting to rear their ugly head. My doctor suggested I go on a diet – even though I’d basically tried them all with no success. To put it simply, I was hitting rock bottom.

 Crazy diets and insane workout programs didn’t work for me. They were not only unrealistic to maintain, but they ultimately weren’t good for the body. I knew I had to do something different. That’s when it dawned on me, maybe I’m OVERTHINKING things.

 Maybe the solution was a lot simpler than I realized. Little did I know, my breakthrough “aha” moment was just around the corner – and it literally changed my entire life forever.

The Breakthrough “Aha” Moment That Put Me on a Path to Life-Changing Weight Loss

One random day I was surfing Facebook. At that point, I was done with diets. I’d basically thrown in the towel. But then I came across a post by a high school friend who’d dropped 20 pounds by doing one simple thing only: counting calories. 

This friend said it was so easy, that it could work for anyone as long as they’d stick to it. At first it seemed so simple, that surely it couldn’t work for me. But once I thought about it, it was a big “aha” moment that struck a chord deep within me. It gave me what I really needed: HOPE!

Looking back, part of me knew that calorie counting would most likely melt off those unwanted pounds of stubborn body fat. But I think I found it TOO boring or TOO simple to work. But just like ancient the Chinese philosopher Confucius said thousands of years ago…


Getting Honest About Exercise, Discipline &

Who I Ultimately Wanted to Become

I downloaded an app on my phone to help me track my daily calories. Once I entered in all my info, it said I would need to consume no more than 1200 calories a day and I put myself on this diet. I was excited, my weight was finally going to drop off like melted butter.

 Unfortunately, 3 months later, I hadn’t lost a single pound. Needless to say, I was absolutely crushed. One afternoon I went on an eating binge. I was so frustrated. But eating like that only made me feel worse than ever.

 That’s when I stepped in front of a mirror and looked at myself from head to toe. I faced myself for the first time ever. I finally admitted to myself that I’d been lying about how much I was eating. And the biggest truth of all: I wasn’t taking the actions that showed my body that I wanted to lose weight on the outside, because on the inside, food was my emotional crutch. I had thought it provided me with the good feelings I was missing in other parts of my life. So I didn’t want to let it go.

 But now for the first time in my life, I recognized that the reality was that food and binging didn’t make me happy. It was making me sad and more overweight. And the more I overate, the less satisfied I became. Being overweight was not helping me in any way- not physically and certainly not emotionally.   

 My goal was to become 132 pounds again. This is what I weighed before I got pregnant with my first son 5 years earlier. After seeing myself in the mirror and getting to the real root cause of my weight loss roadblocks (myself!) – I knew that no one and nothing could fix or even help me, unless I truly wanted it.

 “If I wanted to weigh 132 pounds again, I had to own up to myself. I had to be truthful. I had to take responsibility for who I ultimately wanted to become. No one else could do it for me. A funny thing happened when I was honest with myself: I got clear on what I really wanted.”

 At that point, I was done talking about weight loss. I was ready to turn words into action instead. I’d never felt more certain in my life, and this time, failure wasn’t going to be an option.

Beating the Diet Game, Overcoming Cravings, and

Finally Experiencing My Best Life!


Once I locked-in on  my true desire to lose weight, the motivation, determination, and my path to success started to become very clear to me. 1200 calories a day – that was all I needed to not only live, but to also lose the excessive weight in a natural way.

I’m not going to lie. When I committed to those 1200 calories a day, my inner child inside of me threw tantrums like no other. While the “diet” of this calorie limitation was simple on the surface, it was one of the hardest changes I’ve ever made in my life.

But despite all the crazy food cravings and urges, I resisted. I stuck to the plan. While I ate less, I discovered WHY I wanted to lose weight, and WHY losing weight was important to me.

I flipped my mental switch from the negativity of “I need to lose weight so I don’t feel bad” to the positivity of “I want to lose weight so I feel better and look better.” And then I envisioned looking and feeling – being my lean, healthy and happy self. I visualized it. I felt it into my bones. And while I did this, I overcame the most horrible of food demons and I knew there wasn’t any such thing as a magical bullet diet or person who could save me. There were plenty of tools I could use like the one I just described. But in the end, the only person who was saving me, was myself.

As I dove deep into research, everything started to fall into place like a puzzle. I became even MORE certain that I could do this. I became my own expert on everything from… 

  • How to portion food
  • How to time my meals
  • How to stop food cravings
  • How to regulate my appetite
  • How to regulate blood sugar
  • How to keep my metabolism running in tip top shape
  • How to lose weight without working out like crazy
  • Which supplements truly assisted long term weight loss and the ones that destroyed it
  • Which foods helped me stay on track and which ones didn’t

I also discovered that too much exercise can be deadly for diets! Go figure huh? 

Once I understood how to do all these things, I felt like SUPER WOMAN. Talk about self-empowerment. I can’t explain how good it feels to be in full control of your own health and happiness. Knowledge doesn’t change anything until it’s applied.

 After I put all my knowledge into action into my own life, the first 40 pounds of body fat flew off my body with ease. And the best part of all, it didn’t require crazy workout routines, popping useless supplements, or starving myself on a bland diet.

 One of the biggest shifts that helped me was changing the MENTAL IMAGES AND BELIEFS I held about myself and my body. If you struggle with weight loss, I’m confident you’re probably making these same mistakes (don’t worry, I did it too – you’re human after all).

 Here’s what you need to know: Your brain doesn’t know the difference between your actual reality vs. what you tell it or imagine. It sees everything as real.

 This means… 

  • If you see yourself as “fat” your brain will eventually make this your reality by helping you focus on eating foods that will make you fat.
  • If you see yourself as “slim” your brain will eventually make this your reality by helping you focus on eating foods that will help you be slim.

Think about it – if you constantly tell yourself that you’re fat, overweight, ugly, unhealthy, unattractive, etc. do you think you can ever become the opposite of those things? Of course not! That’s like trying to move a car forward by pressing on the brake.  

Once you see yourself as slim and love yourself even though you might not be exactly where you want, then you can combine that with what I’m about to show you next – everything can get better for you just like it did for me…


A few highlights of how my life and mindset changed and what I accomplished when I applied these healthy habits:

  • Excess weight continued to drop off my body with ease until I found myself leaner, happier and more fulfilled than I’d ever thought was possilbe
  • The more I trusted and relied on myself and this new, disciplined way of eating, the better my life got and the better I felt and looked
  • My physical, mental and emotional health improved immensely
  • My self-confidence and self-esteem rocketed to new heights: I was able to set new goals and handle whatever happened in my life with confidence, poise, humility, and even humor when called for  
  • At age 36 I went back to college and graduated with honors at age 39
  • I went on to get my master’s degree at the ripe age of 40
  • I then worked at a Big 4 accounting firm in San Francisco and became a Certified Public Accountant
  • I peacefully removed myself from an abusive relationship
  • I healed from abuse in my childhood and gained peace with my father’s suicide 15 years prior
  • I found God and learned to feel safe being an open and loving woman  
  • I learned how to read people exceedingly well and to honor my boundaries- yet to still be kind to everyone
  • My relationships grew deeper, stronger and more connected
  • I also stopped being codependent and stopped being afraid of being alone
  • I began following my true passions 
  • At age 43, I realized my childhood dream of being an actress
  • By the time I was 48, I had written 9 books
  • . . .And yes I did all this while raising my two sons to be honorable, loving, responsible young men
  • At 49, I feel more alive than ever and I can’t wait to see what 50 and beyond brings!

What I learned from my weight loss transformation is that when you eat at your correct calorie level, there’s no need to worry about what you eat ever again. There’s also no need to try and control yourself or other people through food. Negative habits around food slowly dissolve until you’re left with positivity and lightness. And there’s no need to overexert yourself with excessive exercise to lose weight. 

Your body naturally defines its muscles, fat disappears on its own, and your body regulates itself at optimal levels. It’s a totally different way of living and being. These healthy habits give you not just an amazing body but an amazing life.  

After I was informed that the dramatic transformation in my own health, happiness and weight loss that I’d created was “impossible,” I put much of my life on hold for 3 years so that  I could pour all of my knowledge, insights, secrets, and unique tips into one powerful program called Be Slim Training.

Because what I do is so simple, intuitive and ultimately easy, anyone who wants to can do it too. You just watch the training, practice and then put it on auto-pilot.

The first step is releasing the negative pictures you have of yourself and instead using your positive motivation, seeing yourself as the person you truly want to be.

The next step is taking the actions that show your body and mind that you are serious about losing weight. This is done by following the diet plan that I created called QUAAD.

 “Be Slim Training’s QUAAD is a weight loss plan that works with both your mind + body to naturally melt off unwanted pounds of fat without starvation, fad diets, useless supplements, or other gimmicks. Not only is it highly effective, but it’ll also save you TIME, MONEY + HASSLES. That way you have time to focus on what really matters in your life.”

Not only will you feel and look physically better, but it’ll transform yourself from the inside out. It’ll help you discover and love yourself at a deeper level. And it’ll help open doors of opportunity you never thought existed.

Be Slim Training took many years to develop and fine tune. But now, you can put yourself on the “fast track” to success without making the big mistakes I made. Once you can tap into this for yourself, you’ll be able to start making the necessary changes you need to lose weight (and to keep it off for good) – and be motivated to accomplish your dreams, goals and ambitions past just losing weight! 

You can move forward with your weight loss goals right now – no matter what 

You’ve read my personal story and have seen the dramatic changes I’ve created in my own life. All the above began with me first changing how, when and how much I ate. Right now, it might look hard. But it’s not nearly as hard as you’re making it in your head. Be Slim Training will help you transform in the easiest way possible.   

With the simple, yet highly transformative Be Slim Training, you will achieve and experience the lasting changes you desire if you take action

In the training, you’ll learn how to change your mindset so that you focus on what really matters: the way you see yourself,  the way you view food, the way you eat food, the way you incorporate joyful activities into your life, and so much more. . .  




Contrary to everything you’ve heard about weight loss and motivation and the reasons why you should want to lose weight, this motivation is often not enough to permanently lose weight. . . If they were, you wouldn’t be overweight. And frankly, America wouldn’t have an obesity problem. 

Ask any accomplished person be it in diet, weight loss, sports, education, career or even family and you’ll quickly find that some days, sometimes many days they weren’t motivated or feeling gung-ho to achieve their goal. Then how did they achieve it?

Because they knew that despite their feelings, they still wanted to achieve their goal. And so they did. 

They applied themselves daily, every day, not because they necessarily felt motivated. But becasue they’re realists. They have a vision. They see their desired outcome in their head and know the only way to get there is through action.

The motivation, or reasons why you want to lose weight can guide you. As you’re successful each day, this success will feed into your vision and add fuel your action to make the right choices. But in the beginning, you have to be careful. 

Almost anyone can lose 5-15 pounds in a week. Every student I’ve had has done this.  Be Slim Training helps you immediately lose weight and helps you continue to lose weight and maintain that weight loss for as long as you stay on it. So the question is, will you stay on it?

That’s the art, the trick or the key to losing weight and not rebounding. Sometimes a quick success makes people too confident. They trick  themselves into thinking that they’re invincible and after a few weeks, they tell themselves it’s okay to go off their plan when it’s not. Then they regain the weight and more, all while they’re fooling themselves into thinking they’ve “got this” when they really don’t.

You don’t need many reasons why you want to be slim and fit and healthy. One, not more than two reasons is perfect. Like food, more is not better here. But even then, you’re putting the cart before the horse, because your motivation is largely unimportant until you’ve figured out the first thing which is:


To start losing weight and to start changing your habits around food you must know that you WANT to lose weight. That’s all. No reasons why. Just that you want to lose weight.

Your want then just needs to be supported with one simple vision of what you will look like and how you will feel after you’ve lost the weight. This is the motivation that supports you taking the actions that will bring you to your goal. This can be tricky though.

You might be surprised how many people say they want to lose weight when they really don’t. You can tell who these people are because they say they want to lose weight, might even pay $2500 to learn how. But instead of relying on their plan to lose weight, they rely on their feelings to determine whether or not they’re going to stay on their diet. When I ask these people if they want to lose weight, they say “Yes.” But after they’ve lost those first 5 to 15 pounds, they stop following their plan. Why? 

Others will tell me every reason why they should want to lose weight: for their health, to be there for their family, to get their spouse or doctor off their back and toss those bloodpressure medications, etc. These people also lose weight initially and sometimes a lot. But they also refuse to stay on their plan even to maintain their weight loss. They too yo-yo diet like this isn’t a form of self-torture. When I ask these intelligent people the simple question: “Yes or no: do you want to lose weight?” they can’t say the words “I want to lose weight.” It’s good that they’re being somewhat honest with themselves. But the truth is that they either really don’t want to lose weight or they haven’t yet decided if they really want to lose weight, which is totally fine. But how will you ever get to where you want to go if you don’t recognize where you’re at?

The good news is that when these people get clear with themselves, they know what they want and what they don’t want and realize that they’re always acting based on this north star. Then they can understand their internal conflicts over losing weight. And then they’ll know when they really want to lose weight. That’s when they’re ready. 

Those who know in their mind that they want to lose weight find a way. That way for many is Be Slim Training which is based on proven, time tested activities of slim, fit and healthy people.  The structure is natural and effortless, helping you change old harmful habits into helpful new ones that last a lifetime.

So, what do you want?

Check in with yourself right now and ask yourself, “Do I want to lose weight?”

When even just a small part of you knows you truly want to lose weight, click below. A bright new future awaits you. See you soon!

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