Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Will Lose Weight with this Training 

✔︎ “How can I get slim and fit without working out?”

To lose weight, you must eat alot less and maintain a consistent level of increased activity. Most workouts do not provide the consistent calorie deficit needed to lose weight because most people do not, can not, or will not work out consistently and also eat less.    

Workouts with weights can make your muscles bigger and harder and may mildly aid your metabolic rate, but usually not enough to make you lose weight. This increased activity also increases your appetite and can cause you to eat more. Plus, cardio and pumping iron both tend to add muscle mass, making muscles bigger which isn’t sliming and causes your weight to increase. In short, contrary to popular belief, working out does not create the coveted slim frame most of us desire. There’s only one thing that truly causes weight loss which is eating less.

If your goal is to have a leaner, healthier, and naturally chiseled frame (no matter if you’re a man or woman) then after following the steps in Be Slim Training, hitting your goal weight and going into slow lose mode, you’ll see that being fit and having muscle tone and definition is NOT a direct result of working out. Eating less is. 

Being fit and slim, having muscles, working out and exercising are a bit of an optical illusion. If you’re overweight, you’re probably caught up in this. But make no mistake: no matter if you work out or not, your muscles always have a mass to them and they can still be firm without ever lifting a dumbell. 

When you eat fewer calories than your body needs to survive each day, you lose weight. As you lose weight, the fat and retained water around your muscles dissipates. This is what gives you that coveted lean and toned look.  After you lose weight you’re simply seeing your muscles free from unnecessary fat and unnecessary water retention.  Hence, you’re slim and fit as a fiddle. 

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✔︎  “How can just eating less make me slim?”

What I’m sharing with you is the skinny (no pun intended) on how weight loss and fitness already works for millions of people. The reason why you rarely hear about this approach is because it isn’t fancy, and it doesn’t sell many products. But it will save you a lot of time and money since you won’t need to invest in expensive gym memberships, fitness classes, and you’ll even spend less on food. A wonderful byproduct of losing weight this way is that rather than being forced to slave away at a gym, you gain more personal freedom and “me” time to do the things in life that you truly enjoy.  This also keeps you happy and relaxed which increases your health and fitness levels as well.

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✔︎ “But isn’t intense exercise required to lose weight and feel better?”

Nope!  In fact, for most people the exact opposite is required. If you want to lose weight and feel your absolute best, you don’t need to engage in high intensity exercise.  Most people get confused about exercise. Since exercise burns some excess calories and unwanted fat, many people believe that the more exercise, the better. And they also believe that if they exercise more, they’ll not only lose weight, but will be able to eat more. Except this isn’t true.

Remember, the real purpose of exercise is to burn excess energy. If you’re overweight, you may have more energy to burn, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Too much exercise can not only throw you out of a state of optimal balance, but it can throw off your diet as well. For many people, too much exercise is the #1 reason why they fail their diets and gain even more weight.

With Be Slim Training, you’ll determine your perfect balance of activity to calorie intake so that you easily make your weight loss goals a reality. Chances are good that this activity already fits into your lifestyle long term. This way you get the lasting results (and lean body) you desire most.

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✔︎ “But Juhl, how can you have so much energy and a great body – and NOT work out?”

Well first, thanks for the compliment! Secondly, I give Be Slim Training all credit to my slim figure and high energy levels.  It’s true that I don’t do traditional workouts. I work smarter not harder. My bloodpressure has dropped to of a professional athlete. Yet, I haven’t stepped foot in a gym since 2008. I do take 6 Bikram Yoga classes a year, which helps me maintain my agility and my flexibility.  And, I walk daily. But I walk far less than you might imagine. The reason why I walk is to maintain my circulation and my clarity of mind only, not to lose or maintain my healthy weight level. When you follow the steps in Be Slim Training as guided you can expect similar results too.  

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✔︎ “I’m in a new life phase (or) my activity level recently changed a lot. Can Be Slim Training help me?”

Yes, aboslutely. Many people recently gained “the Covid 15” as a result of the Covid Pandemic lockdown from 2020 to 2021. But my students and I gained far less. For example,  one student didn’t gain any weight. I gained 4 unwanted pounds and quickly lost it.

The next year, in 2022 I went into perimenopause weight gain and gained 7 pounds.  This was the most weight I’d gained since I’d started eating and living this way. But thanks to everything I’ve learned over the years, I quickly brought myself back to 118 pounds in about 3 weeks. I did this just by following what you’ll learn in Be Slim Training. Sadly, this is not most people’s experience with unwanted weight gain.  If you’re going through something like this, I want to encourage you to consider Be Slim Training as a viable option to lose the extra pounds that we so often think are “unloseable.”  

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✔︎  “Will I be able to eat my favorite sweets?”

Yes of course! In Be Slim Training, you’ll find the most satisfying foods that are perfect for you. Some of these foods may include sweets. And you won’t feel deprived because you’ll get to enjoy some of these foods every day. Not only will you learn to appreciate and enjoy the foods you eat, but you’ll feel even more satisfied and eat far less than before.

For example, I love chocolate. So much so that every day, I eat chocolate. Not a ton, but just enough to feel truly satisfied. And it’s a special kind now, but it’s a food that helps me feel good.

As you become more aware of which foods are helping you and which ones aren’t, you’ll notice that your tastes will also change. You’ll start to prefer higher quality foods that are more satisfying which will support you feeling even better from the inside out. This allows you to maintain your newly slim figure both now, and in the future. So yes, so long as you follow the training, you really can have your cake and eat it too 🙂

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 ✔︎ “I want to lose weight but I feel unmotivated. Will this training work?”

Yes! All that’s required to get results is to know that you want to lose weight.  What you’ll discover once you begin the training is that as you focus on this idea you’ll become more open minded and receptive to taking the steps as guided. As you take the steps, you’ll gain self-confidence. Once you gain self-confidence and see that what you’re doing is working, your motivation will kick in and soon your motivation will ignite into a roaring flame. This will then further propel you forward to the weight loss success you desire and deserve. So losing weight isn’t so much about motivation as it is getting really clear on what you want and what you don’t want. You’ll discover and then fine tune this in step 1 of the training. 

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✔︎ “I feel timid or unsure about losing weight. Can Be Slim Training still help me?”

It’s your right to be happy, healthy, and slender both now, and in the future. Yet many of us have negative ideas around becoming slim and attractive. Be Slim Training will help you address the ideas in your head that have driven you to overeat. This is normally a positive, freeing experience. But you might become more aware of sensitive topics as the weight comes off. So it ultimately comes down to you. If you’re willing to take action with the training and address what comes up for you, then the answer is yes, this training will help you lose weight and keep it off.

You may be aware that for many people, there are subconscious “benefits” to staying overweight. The extra weight they’ve carried could be used as a protection mechanism to avoid dealing with negative beliefs, feelings, emotions, or trauma. For example, some people have been sexually abused or had other negative experiences when they were slimmer and more attractive and so they’ve kept themselves heavier to avoid repeating that same trauma. But if you keep yourself heavier for this reason, then you’re never living as the person you truly want to be which can be very painful. That’s why Be Slim Training encourages you to address your feelings and beliefs – and you’ll find that in going through the steps you’ll connect with your true wants so that you can move past anything that’s holding you back.

Bottomline: You are worthy. It’s important to shine a light on the real root causes of your own weight issues. While Be Slim Training helps you lose weight and gain an amazing body and life without excessive exercise, on your way here if it comes up for you, I recommend getting support from a mental health professional if needed. They can help you process any hidden traumas or false beliefs so that you can truly embrace these healthy habits and step into your amazing body and life. 

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✔︎ “What are the steps in Be Slim Training?”

Be Slim Training: Healthy Habits for an Amazing Body and Life is completed in 4 simple steps. They are: 

Step 1: Seeing Yourself Slim (Learned Motivation)

  • Benefit: Helps you do the right thing around food. It helps you eat less and maintain a gentle motivation to follow the training for the long-term
  • You’ll get clear on what you want and what you don’t want and how to use this to get what you want (lose weight and be slim)

Step 2: QUAAD Plan Design

  • Benefit: Complete certainty that you will lose weight. Removes 100% of the guesswork around your diet
  • During this week you’ll learn to eat by QUAAD (the diet plan), you’ll also get clear on how much you’re currently eating, how active you should be each day, and you’ll do a calorie countdown to begin eating by QUAAD 

Step 3: QUAAD Plan Integration

  • Benefit: For the first time in a long time (possibly ever), you won’t feel the never-ending need to snack. Urges to overeat dissipate.  Physically ends the urge to eat the foods that aren’t helping you
  • You’ll become comfortable eating less. Your self-confidence around abstaining from high calorie, low quality food increases dramatically

Step 4: QUAAD Plan Automation

  • Benefit: You’ll learn to eat this way – without thinking about it – for life
  • Here’s why this is important: Because when it’s automated, eating this way becomes your second nature
  • Feels so natural that very quickly you’ll notice that you’re making massive changes that you’d never been able to make before
  • Because it’s your new habit, you just keep eating this way

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✔︎“Why do I have to focus on ‘thinking thin’ or “seeing myself slim”? I just want to lose weight.”

I understand losing weight is your goal. But let me ask you this, “Do you want to lose those unwanted pounds of fat once, and keep them off for good? Or do you want to face the pain and on-going trials of inconsistent weight loss for the rest of your life?”

This is where mindset becomes a pivotal factor in your sustained weight loss success. Your own thinking is what’s holding you hostage and causing you to overeat. With Be Slim Training, you’ll discover how to overcome the negative thoughts and habits that are keeping you stuck being overweight and then how to change them into positive, healthy ones.

When you can exchange your thoughts and habits for healthy ones, your entire body will transform. Weight will naturally melt off. Your mood and energy will improve. Your motivation and self-esteem will flourish. And you’ll feel better than ever before. And the best news of all, making these changes is surprisingly easy and simple to do. They literally take 10 seconds. If you’re doing this training, you’ll have at least a spare 10 seconds to think and see yourself slim and it will be well worth your while.

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 ✔︎ “Can you tell me more about Be Slim Training’s QUAAD?”

QUAAD is a specially designed reduced calorie diet that supports increased metabolism, decreases anxiety, increases calmness and adds a positive awareness of food and your food intake so that you are more inclined to make the right choices around food. 

Reduced calorie diets are different compared to other diets because they are practiced for life at a slightly higher calorie intake than a diet. This is totally safe so long as you supplement with a multi-vitamin to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs. In addition to the benefits of QUAAD, signifigant scientific research and evidence has shown that people who follow a reduced calorie diet experience several life-extending health benefits which include:

✔︎A decrease in overall blood pressure levels

✔︎Lower rates of heart disease, strokes, and diabetes

✔︎An improved younger gene expression profile

✔︎A boost in overall energy levels and mental clarity

✔︎An improvement in healthy thyroid function

✔︎A reduction in the most common diseases

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 ✔︎ “Is Be Slim Training’s QUAAD Plan the same as Intermittent Fasting?”

No.  QUAAD is extremely simple to follow and most anyone can do it.  QUAAD is set up to increase your metabolism and ensure that you don’t feel hungry in between meals. QUAAD is intended to be comfortable. You don’t really notice that you’re on it for the most part.  

Intermittent fasting on the other hand, often called “IF” can be complicated. Short eating times and extremely long fasting cycles change, all with the idea of “tricking your body into losing weight.” But here you might be told to not eat anything for 16 hour stretches and sometimes for days. This formula is a form of torture and ultimately sets most people up for failure. Extended fasting also decreases metabolism, and can create mental and emotional disorders including anxiety and physical discomfort after eating. None of this is healthy or helpful for long term weight loss or for your emotional well being.

Because QUAAD is based on consistency, your body receives the fuel and nutrients it needs, when it needs them most day in and day out. This keeps you feeling fully satisfied, never deprived and will also help you relax  while you maintain a healthy metabolism for long-term weight loss. Intermittent fasting doesn’t do any of that. 

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✔︎ “Do I need to take supplements?”

As with any diet, you should plan on taking a multi-vitamin to supplement your lower calorie intake. In the training, I also share the unique supplements I take because I’ve found they’ve increased my health benefits. Be Slim Training will work whether or not you take them. You are not required to take these and only should if they match your body’s physical needs. I also encourage you to do your own research and find any addiitonal supplements that support your success.

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✔︎ “Do I need my doctor’s permission before starting Be Slim Training?”

If you’re under a doctor’s care, then the answer is yes. Before beginning any diet, you should always have your doctor’s approval for you losing weight as well as their approval for you taking any new vitamins or supplements as these could interfere with medications you’re on or health conditions.

Please note that I’m not a doctor and I don’t give out medical advice. When you sign up for Be Slim Training, you’re stating that you have your doctor’s approval and are healthy enough to be on a reduced calorie diet for the long term.  This is why I highly recommend if you’re currently under a doctor’s care or if you have any concerns, that you consult with your doctor first to ensure your personal health and safety.

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 ✔︎“How long does it take to implement the training?”

It takes very little time to implement the training and achieve lasting results. Each step has been carefully designed to be effective, efficient, and highly flexible. In general, you’ll want to allow an extra 3-5 minutes before each meal and depending on which step you’re at, 0-2 minutes after each meal. Once you learn the process, it takes far less time to implement. Just 30-60 seconds before eating. 

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✔︎ “How long does it take to complete the training?”

 There are 4 steps or “modules” in the training.  One module is released each week, and each module takes between 2-4 hours to watch and learn. It’s intuitive and easy. But you still must apply what you’re learning during your day. This way, it becomes automatic, and this “automation” is what allows you to easily lose weight and keep it off. 

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✔︎ “Do I need private coaching or a strategy session?”

Be Slim Training is intuitive and easy to learn.  It was designed to be turnkey. Almost any student can just watch the on-demand training, practice it, watch the weight fall off and be set for life. That might be hard to believe now. But as a student, you’ll develop the self-confidence that empowers you to rely on yourself for sticking to your diet and successfully losing all the weight you want for life. So long as you apply what I teach in each lesson, you will learn this. This being said, occasionally, coaching is helpful.

Examples when you might want to do a coaching or strategy session are:

When beginning step 1: if you’re more than 50 pounds overweight, or if you’ve never been on a diet before, or if you’ve never been able to limit your sugar intake.

But as you probably know, many people’s issue with diets isn’t losing the weight, it’s keeping it off. So another time you might want to schedule a strategy session is after you’ve hit your goal weight and have gone into “slow lose” mode. 

The reason to do a session at these times is so that Juhl can help tailor your training to ensure that you avoid common pitfalls of your specific situation. New lessons are being added to the training though, so be sure to check your lesson plan to see if the support you need is already addressed in your training.

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✔︎ “How do I buy a private coaching session?” 

Private coaching and strategy sessions are only avialble for current and prior students of Be Slim Training. With the exception of step 1, you should be up to date on all of your lessons before scheduling a session on the topic you want to discuss.

When available, right after you purchase the training, a page will pop up and ask if you want to add on a strategy call or private coaching  session or package. You can purchase them then. If you’re not sure you will want to do a coaching session, you can wait until you’re in the training and decide then. Under most lessons is a link to purchase coaching, or you can email us at  

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✔︎  “Who is this training NOT for?”

There are 3 types of people this training is not suitable for, and they are:

  • 1) Those who aren’t willing to commit 100% or who don’t want to put in the effort required. Losing weight isn’t easy, but it’s a heck of a lot easier when you’re clear that you want to lose weight and are committed to taking the steps to do so. If you’re not ready to do this right now, it’s 100% ok. At a certain point, you will reach a turning point when you will put in the effort. That’s when Be Slim Training is for you!
  • 2) Those who require excessive exercise to feel balanced. This training is about simple weight loss without excessive exercise or excessive activity. But if you’re currently unable to exercise a lot, then please consider this training as it will help you regulate your appetite (and emotions) without too much exercise
  • 3) Those who haven’t humbled themselves to the idea that although they might know alot of information about weight loss, they don’t know how to apply it to lose weight. Let’s face it, if these people did, then they’d already be slim. It’s actually alot easier to be slim than it is to be heavy, so give it a rest, people. This training puts a lot of conventional wisdom on its ears. If you can’t get over the idea that you’ll lose more weight by exercising less and eating less (over a long period of time), then this training won’t be a fit for you. Come back when you’ve exhausted the other avenues 🙂
  • To successfully lose weight with Be Slim Training,  you don’t need to be jumping out of your body excited or motivated to lose weight. You can even have some tentativeness or hesitancy, which is normal. But you must 1) Commit in that you know in your head that you want to lose weight,  2) be open and willing to change your habits from this moment forward and  3) keep repeating 1 and 2. If that’s you then sign up, because this course is for you! If not, come back when it is you 🙂

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✔︎  “What is your satisfaction guarantee?”

This training has a proven track record of success for both men and women of all ages, and all weights and sizes. I’m confident that this investment in yourself will be worth 100 to >1000X what you pay for it. Not only will you become slim and live more happily in this world, but you’ll also be able to maintain a lifetime of amazing results that has everyone wondering where you workout at and how you stay fit and slim.

However, if after sincerely completing the training for 60 days you are not 100% satisfied with Be Slim Training, I will provide a 100% refund of the training to your method of purchase. Please email us at within 60 days of purchase to make your request. We do reserve the right to verify your course completion, including adhering to your calorie countdown entries and all food diary entries prior to approving the request and we will ask you to mail these to us.

Please note that private coaching and strategy sessions are non-refundable, but you will have a generous two years from your date of purchase to use them. I do this because this training is special and I created it from my heart to help you truly benefit yourself and discover just how powerful a creator you are when you can control your senses. When you complete this training, the best is truly yet to come! 

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