Social Media Terms of Use

Participate at your own risk. Please be aware of your triggers and use common sense before consuming content. 

Social media is a large public space. You have many viewing options to choose from.  Social media content including TikTok and Instagram posts and videos, hashtags, descriptions, comments, blog posts, stories, books and articles are intended solely for entertainment, personal improvement, growth and development purposes for a large public audience only and are never directed to one person or group of people unless specifically stated by Juhl T. Khallen in the content and through the use of a tag.

Content is not intended to be consumed and taken personally by people Ms. Khallen personally knows. If you happen to know or have met Ms. Khallen and also follow her social media or other mediums of communication, comments, hashtags, videos, writing, comments and/or any information she shares in any medium are NOT intended for and should NOT be misconstrued to be intended for “you” personally or for your personal consumption or for anyone else you may know, whomever you are, no matter your relationship to Ms. Khallen. If you do not care for Ms. Khallen’s content, simply stop consuming the content and unfollow the account.

By watching, reading, consuming or following the account and/or its content you are participating in the content at will and at your own risk. You agree to hold Juhl T. Khallen DBA Slim Metabolics and/or Wisdom Insights harmless for any real or imagined injuries to your person, family, business or character. Any controversies that arise as a result of you participating in Ms. Khallen’s content will be paid for by you entirely and settled through arbitration or mediation at the discretion of Juhl T. Khallen DBA Slim Metabolics in the State of California, Alameda County, USA.